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第十一節 Sec. 11

 According to the Master, the pine was nothing but a lucky sign. It was decided that there should be an event to celebrate it. Due to Sarashina's effort, Manju was selected as the twelfth dancer to offer aimayo dance. At this magnificent service, Manju danced at the fifth position, and her performance was conspicuous. As the result, even Yoritomo himself became to join with Manju. It lead to a sign that the god accepted the service and the event ended in a great success.

 Manju performed an imayo dance. She had the shrine to her back, met Yoritomo's gaze to her left and faced the large audience right in front. People were attracted by Manju with her every movement. Take a close look, one may discover that there is no single female among the audience.


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 This section devoted most of the writing to the lyrics of the songs as well as descriptions of the dance. Beautiful words were employed and provided a strong literary impact. It invites a reader to appreciate each and every word, to follow the logic behind the explanation, and to enjoy the rhythm and vigor of the expression.

Karaito Soshi, Waseda University Library

唐糸草紙(早稲田大学図書館蔵)第七段 Karaito Soshi, Waseda University Library, no. 7

Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library

唐糸草紙(国会図書館蔵)四十三オ Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library, 43a