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第九節 Sec. 9

 Manju crossed the Nail's Door and looking for the place where her mother was. It was in a deep night. While Manju approaching to the stone jail, Karaito from the inside, no way to know this miraculous happiness, continued to cry for her misery.

 Finally Karaito and Manju met face to face. The mother collapsed in tears, and the daughter tossed her hat to the ground. Manju's beautiful face and elegant dress created a sharp contrast against the dark jail. Outside the door, Sarashina was waiting with cautious.


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 According to the story in writing, Karaito and Manju's meeting took place while no one was around and Sarashina stayed away. However, in the picture, we see three men guard the door rigorously, one of them even wore an armor. This composition may be read in a way that it tells two different time and settings -- one is when Manju entered the door, the other is how the door would normally guarded. An explanation like this is somehow supported by the fact that the time of this visit, a deep night, cannot be clearly detected anywhere from the scene.

Karaito Soshi, Waseda University Library

唐糸草紙(早稲田大学図書館蔵)第四段 Karaito Soshi, Waseda University Library, no. 4

Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library

唐糸草紙(国会図書館蔵)二十九ゥ Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library, 29b