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第八節 Sec. 8

 Manju had Goromaru return to Shinano, and immediately fund a position as a lady servant. Although being such young, Manju avoid to answer a question about her parents, and got well with the new environment. Manju was encouraged by Sarashina while loosing her hope, and eventually in a miraculous manner learned where her mother was restrained.

 In front of Manju who was eager to find out where her mother was, appeared an unexpected saver. A lower servant looks like who is working in a kitchen came from nowhere, pointed at a door and told a secret about Karaito. On this scene, Manju and Sarashina still wore the same clothes from their journey. On the other hand, the door which was referred as "Nail's Door" was not locked, but widely open and ready for Manju to cross.


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 In this section, the picture presents a huge difference from what told in the story. It focused on a dramatic moment brought up by a lower servant. The truth was told not only to Manju but to Sarashina as well. Even more, surround them, there were people in no connection. Many these details could be argued as careless, inconsistent or even misunderstood, invite a reader to further examine the meaning of the pictures in this piece of work.

Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library

唐糸草紙(国会図書館蔵)二十六ゥ Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library, 26b