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第七節 Sec. 7(下冊)

 Although stopped by her grandmother, Manju refused to change her mind no matter how much she was convinced. Seeing this, the grandmother arranged a reliable man, Goromaru, to assist them. With this help, Manju and Sarashina arrived Kamakura safely.

 Manju and Sarashina visited TsurugaokaHachimangu Shine. The dress for both are exactly the same as they started the journey. Only the fact that the reed hat and the bundle left on the ground carelessly tells the hardship of the trip. The shrine is busy and three men pray to the god in a similar manner.


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 The story tells Manju's journey in a way to list up place names along the path. The writing is beautiful. The rhetoric applied here is a paronomasia which is popular in a waka poem. Examples here are Fukashi-no-sato and her deep (fukashi) feeling, Chichibu-yama and her thought toward her father (chichi) and mother. Thus while being narrative, it provides a joy of literature.

Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library

唐糸草紙(国会図書館蔵)二十二オ Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library, 22a

第七節 Sec. 7(下冊)