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第六節 Sec. 6

 The real heroine in this story finally appeared. Her name is Manju, Karaito's daughter grew in Shinano. Being only twelve years old, Manju learned about her mother's misfortune, and decided to go to Kamakura and save Karaito. Accompanied by Sarashina, her wet nurse, Manju left home without a lot of preparation. Very soon she lost herself on the road.

 Manju and Sarashina are on the journey, and Manju's grandmother managed to catch up with them. The picture carried out certain facts about Manju and Sarashina's dresses described in the story. For Manju, they are twelve layers of deep fabric, willow-green-colored hakama skirt and lacquered reed hat; for Sarashina, they are seven layers of fabric, hemp hakama skirt and a cloth bundle contents various items. On the other hand, three men are on the scene. From their behaviors, pointing up to Manju and exchanging comments between themselves, it is obvious that they are also travelers pass around.


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 "Twelve layers of fabric" was a ceremonial robe of court ladies. It is rather rustic to challenge whether or not it was possible for a girl to travel a long distance in such a costume. The story itself was a yearning fantasy. Similarly, Manju's grandmother looks aged, but as for Manju who was only twelve, there is little effort by the painter to carry out a reasonable image in that age.

Karaito Soshi, Waseda University Library

唐糸草紙(早稲田大学図書館蔵)第三段 Karaito Soshi, Waseda University Library, no. 3

Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library

唐糸草紙(国会図書館蔵)十七ゥ Karaito Soshi, National Diet Library, 17a